Long Bird – Short Bird Winter Blast

Tournament Information Page: Cover for 2021 Winter Blast
Printable Registration Form: Winter Blast 2021 Reg. Form

50 Long Birds  & 50 Short Birds

This is a really fun event where shooters will shoot 100 targets.  50 targets are long targets and 50 targets are closer “short” targets.  Shooters will have three chances win: 50 short-bird score, 50 long-bird score and total score out of 100.  Trophies and class punches will be awarded on the total 100 targets.  One of the most unique events of the year.

**SUNDAY, JANUARY 17TH, 2021**

–100 Target Main Event
–50 Bird 5-Stand
–50 Bird FITASC Event
–Practice Course Open
–Hunting Available Saturday & Sunday
–Lodge Open for Overnight Guest

***Three Chances to Win***

–Payouts: $20.00 Returned to Class
–Master to E : 1st: 50% – 2nd: 30% – 3rd: 20%
–$5.00 on 50 Short Birds
–$5.00 on 50 Long Birds
–$10.00 on Total 100 Targets
–Trophies 1st to 3rd in Class and Concurrent
–Trophies Will be Awarded on the Total 100 Targets Only!!

***Continental Breakfast & Lunch Included**

–Please Pre-Register so we can serve you better!
–Practice Course Open Saturday and Sunday!
–Challenging Targets – Good Payouts – Great Food – Quality Trophies
–But Most of All, a Great Time!