Seasons, Hours & Regulations

Days and Hours of Operation

M&M Hunting

Open Wednesday thru Sunday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm,  October thru March.
Clubhouse Opens: 8:00 am

*Special arrangements can be made for large groups or corporations on these days.

Hunting Information

Shotguns and Shells

No guns larger than a 12-gauge are permitted. No shot larger than No. 6 for upland hunting, or No. 2 Steel for duck shoots is permitted. Shells are available at the clubhouse. Guns are available for daily rental.

Safety And Licenses

All M&M safety Regulations and New Jersey license requirements apply.

In order to purchase a one-day hunting preserve license, you must have either an old NJ hunting license, a hunter’s education card, or show proof of having a license from another state or previous year.

One-day hunting licenses are available at the clubhouse. Every hunter must obey state and federal safety regulations as well as our own rules. All hunters must wear blaze orange. All guns must be plugged to hold only 3 shells.

M&M reserves the right to expel any hunters not following safety regulations, or not complying in any fashion with the terms and conditions of the hunt, or not displaying proper conduct by hunters and/or dogs.